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Tricky Text or Fun Film


Rapunzel taking charge

1. Traditionally, fairytales served the purpose of teaching morals and social conventions to children. Therefore, story telling in the digital age is still relevant because it still serves the same purpose even though it is presented through a movie not a book.
2. Most children nowadays don’t read as much as in the past because technology has advanced and is much more accessible than it was. They don’t know how to imagine because they haven’t had a chance.  the images are just placed before their eyes leaving every detail decided for them, no choice of their own. tI think this is awful because it is preventing children from exploring new worlds as children before them did.

Rapunzel waiting to be rescued

Mad Movie?


I really enjoyed the movie, it was engaging, exciting and full of suspense and action. It used mystical backgrounds and settings, had a delightful plot that was suitable for the whole family and an explanatory and sensible ending that resolved all issues. It was full of emotion and displayed this with use of music, lights and expressions from characters. It was generally excellent.

movie characters

Boring Book?


As previously stated, the Brothers Grimm story did not engage me  because there were limited textual features and the structure of the story is the commonly used fairytale genre. It did leave some room for imagination but the ending was too abrupt for me.  It leaves too many unresolved issues to make it feel like there was a proper ending.

Brothers Grimm Dame Gothal and Rapunzel

Tricky Techniques


In the written text, elaborate adjectives and descriptions are used to bring the story to life, but part of the reason that I didn’t enjoy it is because it isn’t exciting or engaging and didn’t utilize many textual features to grab attention and highlight the story. In ‘Tangled’, a broad range of features and effects are applied to create an engaging setting and atmosphere. Use of camera angles and shots, dramatic differences in low and high key lighting, music changes, the positioning and interaction of the characters and the way they were presented all show the tone and set the mood of the scene to really bring the setting to life and build atmosphere. For example, In the last scene of the movie, in moments of sadness, the lighting is quite soft and dark and shaddowy around figures and the music is quiet and soft with long notes from deep instruments.  But in moments of excitement, like when Flynn comes back to life, or the King and Queen open the doors to see Rapunzel, the light is so bright and it’s sunny and chirpy with fast music and trills from flutes.

Character changeup


In ‘Rapunzel’, the king’s son rescues the commoner girl, but in ‘Tangled’, Flynn is an orphan and he rescues the princess (Rapunzel).  There are also multiple characters added to the story to add complexity to the plot, such as the men in the bar and the twins stealing the crown with Flynn and Pascal the chameleon and Maximus the horse. I say that the changes to these characters were positive because they add a modern day edge to the story and add complexity to the plot. The characters have been better developed and are capable of having more relationships, suited to this day and age,  in the way that is now accepted.  Relationships and the way people acted was different in the time that the original story was created, so the characters had to be altered.  They are now more engaging to a varied range of audiences.

Flynn and the twins

Negatives in the narrative


The  addition of charactersinto the movie ‘Tangled’, in my opinion, has quite a positive effect and it also alters the target audience of the story. The addition of Pascal and Maximus  connect, or tie together scenes in the story, but also add childish humour. It creates a much more exciting and eventful story for all ages.  ‘Rapunzel’, by Brothers Grimm, follows the same structure as most fairytales,  therefore the excitement in the story isn’t there.  I just found it boring, I mean, Rapunzel, you are a grown woman, climb out of the tower and go live with the prince, why would you just wait for Gothel to return.  The story gives us no reasonable explanaition for why Rapunzel didn’t just…leave. It is accepted today that women have rights and are not just passive, which is part of the reason why I find it hard to understand the thoughts of Rapunzel.